2018 Developer’s Cup winner


Barbara Gayer

RRLGA’s annual Developer’s Cup tournament was won by Patty Bruchez on January 16, 2018. The Developer’s Cup is the player who scores the lowest net score over the field on a chosen day. Patty’s net score was 65. Way to play, Patty! Congratulations!

Additional low net winners included:

Flight One: 1st place, Mary Nielsen; 2nd place, Kathy Holwick; 3rd place, Karen Connell

Flight Two: 1st place, Robin Barber; 2nd place, Fran Fowler; 3rd place, Mary Pryor

Flight Three: 1st place, Debra Parker; 2nd place, Pam Mumy; 3rd place, Barbara Desserault; 4th place, Betty Kumbera

Flight Four: 1st place, Patti Baumann; 2nd place, Mary Syer; 3rd place, Sharon Kasper

Flight Five: 1st place, Betty Harrison; 2nd place, Barbara Gayer; 3rd place, Gloria LaMere

Other game winners in January:

January 2 (Game: Flighted Match Play, individual)

Flight One, Candy Burtis and Bobbie Johnson tied their match; Kathy Holwick won her match; Regina Bellach won her match; Susan Worner won her match

Flight Two, Cindy Jenson won her match; Mary Pryor won her match; Robin Barber and Judy Brozek tied their match; Pam Mumy won her match

Flight Three, Linda Stach won her match; Mary Syer won her match; Mona Rod won her match; Donna Shepherd won her match

January 9 (Game: Long and Short)

Flight One, 1st place, Kathy Holwick; 2nd place, Bobbie Johnson; 3rd place, Karen Connell

Flight Two, 1st place, Susan Worner; 2nd place, Shirley Eliuk; 3rd place, Char Burrill

Flight Three, 1st place, Carol Hallock; 2nd place, Jean DeChristopher; 3rd place, Cindy Jensen

Flight Four, 1st place, Betty Kumbera; 2nd place, Dema Harris; 3rd place, Debra Parker

Flight Five, 1st place, Donna Shepherd; 2nd place, Sharon Kasper; 3rd place, Margie Poplawski

January 23 (Game: Red, White and Blue) 4 person team

1st place, Candy Burtis, Carol Hallock, Sharon Kasper and Mary Kindt

2nd place, Patty Bruchez, Fran Fowler, Lois Hammond, Blind draw

3rd place, Char Burrill, Karen Connell, Betty Kumbera and Jan Stocek

January 30 (Game: Fives)

Flight One, 1st place, Karen Connell; 2nd place, Kathy Peterson; 3rd place, Candy Burtis

Flight Two, 1st place, Mary Pryor; 2nd place, Patty Bruchez; 3rd place, Bev Guidinger

Flight Three, 1st place, Betty Kumbera; 2nd place, Dell Hoff; 3rd place, Pam Mumy

Flight Four, 1st place, Mona Rod; 2nd place, Cathy Edge; 3rd place, Patti Baumann

Flight Five, 1st place, Donna Shephard; 2nd place, Barbara Gayer; 3rd place, Fran Schwartz

RRLGA is pleased to welcome our new member for January, Mary Nielsen. If you are interested in joining the RRLGA please contact our membership chair, Robin Barber, at [email protected]