“100+ People Who Care” Raises $20,000+ in Two Hours

Ron Hunt

In just two one-hour meetings, five local charities have received more than $20,000 from your generous neighbors at Robson Ranch.

What’s more, it was easy, simple, impactful, and a great feeling. Then we danced and celebrated with the help of four Robson based bands!

The most recent meeting netted all three charities more than $3,000 each, approaching $10,000 in 30 minutes. When a call to do more went up from one of the attendees, the total went over $10,000. Days later, $11,607 was the final total. The Robson Swing and Jazz Experience band played and we celebrated some more!

100% Goes to Local Charities

Every single dollar raised went to great local charities. How? Each donation is made directly to the nonprofit with no middle person.

Learn More from These People and Sponsoring Groups

These are the members and sponsors of 100+ in alphabetical order who gave at our last one-hour meeting. They all would be happy to tell you all about how easy it is and how much joy it brings.

Sponsors give $1,000+, $500+, or $250+

*** Gold Level Sponsors

** Silver Level Sponsors

* Bronze Level Sponsors

Terry and Gary Absher*

Lori and Andy Aitken*

Belinda Akes

John and Patricia Ambrose

Roger and Rindy Avis

Jeanett and Lynn Beatty

David and Nanci Bounds

Milt and Margie Calhoun

Karen Cooper*

Dave and Janice Crosswhite

Karen and Charlie Dielmann

Jeff and Joyce Doorn

John and Sue Golden

Ken and Marsha Haines

John and Laurie Henzel

Terry and Don Helmstetter***

Glen and Sharon Hoffschnieder

Ray and Irene Horn

Sharon and Richard Horton**

Ron and Lisa Hunt*

Susan Hart

Keith Hyatt*

Sue Jarchow and Alan Stueve

Linda and Jay Johnson

Stephanie Juillerat

Martha Sue and Gary Coe Jensen

Kathy Jue

Debra and Chet Kwiat

Mike and Janett Kline

Debra Laurer

Michael Masero

Tom and Jill Moyer

Jane Minish

Ken and Kathy Muhlbeier*

Gerry Nichols*

Dal and Susan Norris*

Roger and Diana Oleson*

Randy and Amy Petersen

Barbara Renthal

Corky and Kathy Rodine

Sandra Ristow

Laurie Shreineer

Mary Beth Smith**

Barry and Cathy Stephenson

Bill and Patty Sturgeon

Jim and Marie Ulrich

Cynthia Winders

Gerard and Carrolyn Wittman**

Kristin Zanas

Organizations Sponsoring for Last Two Meetings

Friendship Center Church of Robson Ranch***, $2,000

Softball Club of Robson Ranch***, $1,500

Mastermind! of Robson Ranch**, $1,000

The Bands

These bands gave so much time to help us and other friends dance in celebration after each meeting.

The Girls Next Door**

Robson Jazz and Swing Experience**

The Road Runners Blues Band**

Sierra Sound**

Thank you everyone for all your generous ways. If you want to be part of this, contact any person or group above to learn more. If you don’t know any yet, here’s a small group of leader/facilitators who will be happy to talk to you.

Sue Golden at 330-345-8876 or [email protected]

Rindy Avis at 720-234-3280 or [email protected]

Roger Avis at 303-656-7100 or [email protected]

Ron Hunt at 218-330-5306 or [email protected]

The Details for Each Charity

At the March meeting, these local nonprofits received 100% of monies given. Saint Vincent de Paul Society with their free food pantry, free clothing, furnishings, and housing supplies available in a very modest, downtown building in Casa Grande presented. Two Eloy based programs, Civil Air Patrol, a program for teens interested in a career in aeronautics, and the Santa Cruz Food Bank, with their innovative food assistance programs, presented next. The final total was $11,607.

Our November meeting netted $9,373. The two charities nominated in November were Against Abuse, a domestic shelter and resource organization, and our local chapter of the nationwide Boys & Girls Club.

So nearly $21,000 was raised by this group of generous givers in two simple hours. We learned what five great local charities are doing. We all had a chance to nominate the best we knew. Our group agreed they all were so worthy—and we gave! Amazed? We are too.