‘100+ People Who Care’ Fundraiser on March 1

Recipients of 100+ People Who Care donations in November 2022 along with The Girls Next Door band

Our next meeting is March 1 from 3 to 4 p.m. in the Hermosa Ballroom.

100+ People Who Care is for you if:

* Your time is limited, but you love to give.

* You are willing to commit to one hour, twice a year.

* You want to learn about the amazing work being done by our local nonprofits.

* You want to make a lasting impact of assistance in our community.

* You want 100% of your donation to go directly to a local charity.

Our goal: To get 100+ people to give $100 to designated nonprofits around us.

* That amount becomes $10,000+ for local charities in one hour, payable directly to the charities that day.

* Done two times per year (semi-annually) it becomes $20,000+ donated per year.

We help nonprofits assisting those most in need in our neighboring communities of Eloy, Casa Grande, and all of Pinal County.

Our nominees for donations for the March 1 meeting:

* Hospice Charitable Fund of Pinal County

* Teen Challenge of Casa Grande

Outcome of Our Last Meeting

At our meeting in November 2022, in one hour, 42 members gave $6,920! During the next two days, we received more donations to bring the total to $7,580! Our members and sponsors gave to two local charities: The Valley Humane Society of Casa Grande and Hope Coalition/Eloy Food Bank. The funds have provided a multitude of services to rescued pets and also provided 160 full dinners (turkey and ham) to families in Eloy for Christmas.

Sponsorship and Membership

Members are individuals, or teams of two. They write a $100 check each meeting directly to their chosen charity. All members can recommend a local nonprofit. We select two or three randomly to present for up to 10 minutes. Our new group has already gotten to know 10 of our great local charities. Sponsors are organizations or individuals that give at a Gold Level of $1,000+, a Silver Level of $500+, or Bronze Level of $250+.

Contact Info and To Join Us

Please contact one of us below for more information on membership and/or sponsorship.

* Tom Moyer at 602-538-9680 or [email protected]

* Roger Avis at 303-656-7100 or [email protected]

* Lisa Hunt at 218-330-5936 or [email protected]

* Ed Brown at 602-321-3570 or [email protected]