So… you’re over 50. Have you ever wondered what foods are best to include in your diet?

Lois Moncel, Fitness Instructor

We have to admit it…our metabolism begins to decline after age 30, which means we have to pay more attention to what we are eating and drinking. According to Everyday HEALTH, by including the following foods we can strive to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and work against type 2 diabetes. But these foods aren’t just important for the 50+ crowd; all ages can benefit from adding these premium foods to help energize your body.

1. Try adding beans and/or lentils (3/4 cup) daily to help lower LDL or “bad” cholesterol by 5%!

2. Adding about 1-1/2 cups of oats to your diet helps reduce LDL cholesterol levels by 5-10% and are rich in soluble fiber.

3. Apples supply five grams of heart healthy fiber, and research shows that regularly eating apples can lower both total and LDL cholesterol.

4. Exchange chips and crackers for nuts instead. An ounce of mixed nuts can help to reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and death!

5. Adding spinach, kale, collards and other leafy greens may help to keep you focused.

6. Including strawberries, blueberries and sister fruits like raspberries help to boost your vitamin and fiber content. Studies are now being conducted to determine if berries can help slow age-related memory loss.

7. Finally, eating a sufficient amount of protein spread throughout the day may help slow the decline in lean body mass. Adding a Greek yogurt can provide a generous dose of high-quality protein for breakfast or an anytime snack.

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