What Is Rock Springs Church All About?

Larry Sundin

What is Rock Springs Church all about? On the surface, Rock Springs appears to be a solid evangelical church; a church that is warm and welcoming; a church that worships in the ballroom every single Sunday; a church that preaches the truth of God’s Word; a church that supports missions right here in Eloy, down the road in San Diego, and around the world; and a church that encourages every person to serve, love, and grow together as we seek to learn how to live and love like Jesus.

But if you look under the surface, Rock Springs is really a church that’s all about Jesus.

As we’ve been going through the story of Jesus from the Gospel of John on Sunday mornings, we’ve learned so many beautiful realities about Jesus that have not only impacted us but have made us want to help others know more about Jesus and what He came to do. In fact, perhaps the most important question you and I must answer at some time in our lives is this: Who is Jesus?

Who is this One who was born in Bethlehem, grew up in an obscure village, never wrote a book, never held an office, and never raised a family or owned a home? Who is this One who loved the outcasts, healed the untouchables, and taught the multitudes? Who is Jesus? Now, some say that Jesus was a prophet of God. Others say He was a great teacher and a moral example. But let me get personal: Who is Jesus to you? What do you know about His life? What do you know about His identity? What do you know about why He came to live among us?

Let me ask this another way: Did Jesus stride out of the wilderness 2,000 years ago to preach a gentle message of peace and brotherhood? Or did he advocate some form of a religious revolution? How did He view himself? How did others view Him? Did he view himself as the promised Messiah? Did he understand himself to be both God and man? Did He really say He was the only way to the Father?

We live in a world today that in many ways has created a Jesus that fits its liking. To many, Jesus was simply a good man who did some good things. To others Jesus was a philosopher who taught good morals and the golden rule. And to others Jesus was just another prophet who came to point us to God. Today, although many people think Jesus was a significant person in history, most have never truly taken the time to discover how God’s Word portrays Him. As I write this, we’ve just discovered how Jesus claims to be the Rock from which Springs living water flows. For it was Jesus who claimed, “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink.” And then promised this: “Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.” Jesus claims to be the fulfillment of all we thirst for in life. And that’s just one of His claims. So maybe you owe it to yourself to learn more about this Jesus. And if that’s you, why not join us this summer as we continue learning about Jesus and find out for yourself what Rock Springs is truly all about!