What Is Boxing for Fitness and Why Should You Try It?

Lois Moncel, Director of Fitness & Wellness

Boxing workouts include throwing punches at a bag or in the air for a fun total body workout. It’s a great workout for all ages but especially beneficial for the aging population. Boxing workouts combine speed training, strength training, and muscle memory, which requires you to think about your next move in a pattern.

According to Silversneakers, boxing may impart bonus benefits by constantly requiring you to think, therefore helping to improve cognitive abilities and alertness. As we age, our fine motor skills can decline. Boxing will help to improve hand-eye coordination as well.

Another bonus, boxing builds total body strength because throwing punches (even in the air) requires using the whole body. You get to control the speed and intensity of your workout when you box, so you can push yourself as hard as you want without hurting yourself!

Want to hear from the students? Read below for insight from some active participants.

“Boxing for Fitness has helped me in so many areas. Through a different workout each time we meet I build overall core strength, cardio endurance, coordination, and mental agility. We are challenged each time to work at our own level but then push to the next level. No judgment on where we each are in our development or skills ensures a welcoming and fun environment. During my daughter’s visit we attended both sessions, her comment was, ‘a great workout at so many levels.’”—Marian M. Furlong

“The Boxing for Fitness classes are my favorites! The combinations Lois calls out build strength and cardio endurance, plus they improve balance, flexibility, quick reactions, and they make you constantly think! The classes also remind me of the days I trained at a Karate dojo and I feel young again! Thank you, Lois!”—Jillian

“I have been taking the Boxing for Fitness class for the past couple of months. I find the class to be a great overall body workout. My muscles have become stronger and more flexible hopefully preventing future injuries. Lois incorporates aerobics which is good for the heart and the quick sequence of boxing moves challenges the mind. All this is done to the beat of great music. I have fun and the class time goes by quickly.”—Betty U.

“Boxing is a fun class for me to get a full body workout and increase agility and flexibility. Kicking and punching your imaginary opponent is a great way to start your day!”—Joan M.

For more information, contact Lois Moncel, director of fitness and wellness, at [email protected].