What does Support Our Troops–Arizona do?

Support Our Troops (SOT)–Arizona is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code and an Arizona non-profit corporation. The corporation is also a Robson Ranch – Casa Grande chartered service club.

From the articles of incorporation in the state of Arizona, “the mission of SOT-AZ is to provide for the material, physical, and emotional needs of our military men and women, active, reserve, and retired, at home and abroad, veterans, and disadvantaged community members. The corporation is a pro-active, non-political, volunteer charitable organization.”

Volunteers of SOT-AZ at Robson Ranch in Eloy provide emergency, urgent, and immediate assistance to active duty soldiers and veterans, as well as their families in Pinal County. Through fundraising activities in the Robson Ranch community and businesses of Pinal County and elsewhere, SOT-AZ raises $40,000 to $60,000 annually through a golf tournament, raffle, bake sale, and live auction.

100% of the funds raised provide assistance to qualified individuals, the Eloy Veterans’ Center (EVC), the Pinal County Veterans’ Center (PCVC), the Veterans Administration (VA) clinic in Casa Grande and hospital in Tucson, and the annual Pinal County Veterans’ Stand Down. Certification of recipients to SOT-AZ by analysis of their DD-214 is completed by the VA, EVC, and PCVC, which deal directly with candidates for aid and through which SOT-AZ distributes assistance. Funds are used for food and water, utilities, services, housing, medical needs, transportation, clothing, and legal assistance for qualified veterans and families, including homeless, desert-dwelling recipients. Holiday gift boxes are sent to active duty troops and their families who reside in Pinal County. Clothing, shoes, and water are provided to the annual Pinal County Veterans’ Stand Down. Financial support is provided to the Fisher House as the VA Hospital in Tucson for families of hospitalized veterans. SOT-AZ provides an endowment and annual grants to Central Arizona College (CAC), Signal peak Campus in Casa Grande for scholarships and grants to veterans and family members who are enrolled and are in good-standing academically at CAC.

All donors, sponsors, contributors, and benefactors are acknowledged by SOT-AZ in the program of events, auction, and raffle bulletins, and in the monthly Robson Ranch Views. Sponsors of the tournament golf holes are acknowledged by signs on the tee boxes and greens. Recognition of Total Wine’s contributions to the community is acknowledged through patronage by Robson Ranch residents who are well-known and active customers of Total Wine in Chandler and those who depend upon the expert advice and assistance of Total Wine associates.