Wednesday Social Bridge holds all day tournament

On March 25 the Robson Ranch Wednesday Social Bridge Club held its second all-day tournament and luncheon of the year. There were nine tables of four players each. Six rounds of six hands each were played. Partners and rotation were random selection. At the end of the six rounds, tallies were totaled up and prizes awarded.

First place prize went to Dell Hoff. She had an amazing score of 8,750. Second place was Chris Marshall with 6,850 points. Third place with 6,500 points was Jan Lorenzen. Fourth place was John Mertz and fifth place went to Margaret Tom.

The club also acknowledges last place. We give a small prize for the person with the lowest score. It is not a reflection of playing ability but an acknowledgement that a player had a long day of bad cards. Our last place prize for this tournament went to Don Wilson who had a total score for the day of only 2,170.