We have a reason to celebrate

Larry Sundin

On Sunday, February 7, 2016, Rock Springs Church is going to have a party! We are going to celebrate our first anniversary as a church. In fact, we have many reasons to celebrate what God has done by establishing a church right here in Robson Ranch.

Our first reason to celebrate is that God answers prayers. Over two years ago God put it in the heart of Harry Bolwyn, the pastor of Oasis Community Church in Casa Grande, to begin asking God to build His church with God’s people in Robson Ranch. Soon God moved in the hearts of Larry and Becky Sundin to leave the Pacific Northwest and move to Robson Ranch to begin the process of meeting and recruiting people who would become the launch team of Rock Springs Church. After a number of informational meetings in the fall a launch team was formed, and together around 30 Robson residents began preparing for the birth of Rock Springs Church. Then on February 8 of 2015 we held our first service. What a day! One hundred thirty five people showed up to worship in the Hermosa Ballroom, and Rock Springs was born. God definitely answered our prayers.

A second reason to celebrate is that God has been growing our church. All year we’ve welcomed new people to be part of what God is doing at Robson. All year we’ve seen person after person step up and give of themselves to serve and support Rock Springs. And all year we’ve seen God work in individual lives to change them and grow them in the grace we find in Jesus. One of the evidences of this growth was our first baptism service last May when five people publically declared their faith in Jesus in a backyard baptism. That day was quite a party, too!

A third reason to celebrate is that God has been faithful to us. The Bible is very specific when it records Jesus saying that he will build his Church. And he is doing that very thing every day through the people who call Rock Springs their church family. After all, the Church is another name for the people of God. And it is so encouraging to see God moving through Robson Ranch to bring so many people from so many different backgrounds to gather in worship, to grow in friendship and become the Church He is building in our midst. So with that said, we are throwing a party to celebrate what God has done, is doing and is yet to do. And we’d love to invite you to join us. Our First Anniversary Celebration will be Sunday morning, 9:00 a.m. February 7 the Hermosa Ballroom! Won’t you come  party with us?