War Room in Hermosa Ballroom

The first ladies Bible retreat was held in the Hermosa Ballroom the last weekend of October. The goal was to develop an intentional prayer life using the movie War Room and workbook that accompanies the movie. The facilitators worked hard to plan and prepare for the lessons during the summer months, and Heather worked with us to plan and organize the set-up of tables, the audio-video equipment and the food/refreshments.

Sixty-six women registered to attend the retreat, which exceeded our goal! With randomly selected table assignments, each participant was able to meet new women who live in Robson Ranch, connect with them on a spiritual level and share understandings with the help of a facilitator. Popcorn and soft drinks on movie day and continental breakfast and lunch on the study day were provided. Although the days were intensive, the excitement never waned!

We, the facilitators, would like to thank all the women who purchased tickets to attend the retreat. We’d also like to thank Heather for all her work in getting the facility ready for our use. Kay and Tom McBride who own Good Ruby Apple Christian bookstore helped us get all the workbooks and even had to expedite an order for us. Last, thanks to Rock Springs Church of Robson Ranch and Pastor Larry who allowed us to use their Bibles and publicized the event in their bulletin!

Amen: the end of the prayer and the beginning of the answer.