Vagabonds Go to Tombstone

Marita Hickman

We came alive in the town that never dies!

The Vagabonds RV Club adventures continued with a visit to Tombstone, Ariz. We kicked off the rally on Valentine’s Day, sharing chocolates and romantic stories around the fire. A trip to the Good Enough Mine and Queen Copper Mine reminded us of the rough life of a miner. Visiting Kartchner Caverns left us looking at a mountain differently and wondering if there may be an undiscovered cave hidden, yet to be discovered.

We hopped on the trolley to get a historical tour of Tombstone, the town that never dies. At night the saloons are lively with music, spirits, and food. We took ourselves back in time, dressing up as locals in the 1880s. The evenings kept us busy challenging each other with giant Jenga blocks and happy hours, and Ron and Sandy Fish kept the park alive with a little karaoke music.

The eclectic town of Bisbee displayed its personality through murals, decorated walls, and artwork throughout the town. A few of us embraced climbing some of the stairways scattered throughout town. We managed to climb a total of 1,032 steps.

If you have an RV, don’t miss out on the fun. Come and join us on an exciting adventure!