Understanding the Food and Beverage policy

From the HOA Office

One area confusing to new homeowners during HOA orientations is the yearly $300 food and beverage minimum requirement. This month’s article will attempt to clarify and provide a simple explanation of how it works.

Every year between January 1 and December 31 each household is responsible for spending at least $300 in food and non-alcoholic beverages at Robson (excluding banquet services). It is the responsibility of each household to keep track of their purchases and the Homeowner ID card is the mainstay for accomplishing this.

The Homeowner ID card must be presented in order to receive credit for purchases. Restaurant personnel can no longer look up names in the system in lieu of a card. It is also a good idea to check your receipt before leaving the restaurant to ensure your name appears at the top. If your name is missing, it was not credited toward your $300 minimum and must be brought to the attention of restaurant staff before leaving. Errors noticed after the fact cannot be reversed at a later date.

There are two ways to pay for food and beverages. The first is the “pay as you go” method. Present your Homeowner ID card along with cash or a credit card. Your purchase is tracked and you have paid for your meal. With this method you will not receive a statement from Corporate. You only receive statements if you are using the second form of payment. This second form is known as the “card signing privilege” option. With this option you will receive a 10% discount on all food and beverage purchases. Homeowners complete a card-signing privilege form that is sent in to the corporate office. Once approved, (it takes around four or five days) the existing homeowner ID card is electronically activated to serve as a charge card for food and beverage purchases. Present the Homeowner ID card only at the time of service; no other form of payment is required. You receive a monthly statement for purchases made that month; similar to a credit card the purchases are tracked toward your $300 minimum and you enjoy a 10% discount!

If you are currently paying as you go and wish to switch to the card signing privilege option for the 10% discount, please stop by the Ranch House main desk to pick up an application form.