Two Radio-Controlled Flying and Racing Clubs Available

Bob Kehoe

As publicized in both the Robson Ranch Views newspaper and local websites, there are two distinct local clubs for residents who enjoy, or would like to pursue, their interests in the radio-controlled flying and/or racing hobbies. These organizations are the Robson Ranch RC Club, Inc. and the Casa Grande RC Flyers, Inc. These clubs remain separate entities.

At times, especially for new residents in Robson Ranch, there is some confusion between the two bodies. Hopefully, this article will help to clarify.

The Robson Ranch RC Club, Inc., a non-profit corporation, was established ten years ago by residents owning homes at Robson Ranch. The club currently has a membership of approximately 75 full or part-time residents. The club’s well-groomed and maintained site is located on Robson Ranch property, alongside the north access road and easily and quickly accessible by auto, golf cart, bicycles, or walking.

This site incorporates two runways, pilot stations for flyers and two professionally designed (oval and off-road) dirt tracks for RC truck racing. There are shaded areas, running water, and toilet facilities for participants and spectators alike. Especially unique is a live computerized timing and scoring system that provides lap times and instant race results for the truck racers who, dependent on their experience and equipment, compete in four separate categories with awards presented at the end of each racing season. Additionally, flying lessons and equipment are available for novice flyers.

All members of the Robson Ranch RC Club are home-dwellers in Robson Ranch, and all consider themselves members of the Robson “family.” Annual dues are $50 with an additional $15 for family membership, which includes both flying and racing. Flying members are not required to hold an Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) membership.

The Casa Grande RC Flyers Club is also a non-profit Arizona corporation with the purpose of promoting the hobby of model aircraft flying and improving the skill and knowledge level of the membership. The club, with facilities located about twenty minutes away from Robson Ranch in nearby Casa Grande, is affiliated with the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA).

Annual membership in the Casa Grande Flyers is $75 for individuals and an additional $37.50 for family membership. Additionally, all members are required to become AMA members for an additional cost. The club’s facility includes paved asphalt runways, paved helicopter and drone pad, RC car racetrack, and spectator facilities. The club does not offer an RC car membership-only option.

Both clubs offer Robson Ranch residents an opportunity to enjoy the fun, excitement, and comradery of radio-controlled flying or racing. The Robson Ranch RC Club offers a convenient and affordable experience right here on Robson Ranch property.

For more information, visit the Robson Ranch RC Club website at or the

Casa Grande RC Flyers website at