Tracy Is in Town!

Left to right: Linda Walker, Diane Penner, Tracy Hanson, Candy Burtis, Bobbie Johnson, Kathy Holwick

On May 1, Robson Ranch Links Fellowship (RRLF) facilitator, Candy Burtis, received an email from Lewis Greer, Links Players International (LPI) Arizona Area Director. “Tracy (Hanson) is in town … actually she’s currently in Scottsdale playing in the LPGA Legends tournament at Gainey Ranch. But she’s headed to Eloy and hoping to stop by and say hi or maybe play some golf.” That was an offer that couldn’t be refused. Linda Walker, RRLF co-facilitator and RRLF member, Diane Penner, said yes to a May 4 golf round with Tracy.

After some warm-up, the four headed to the first tee. Tracy debated between playing all pine tees or the pine/rust combo tees and settled on the combo. Eighteen holes later, Tracy ended with a 68: seven birdies (including one from the pine tees on Picacho 7), one bogey, and one double bogey. It was amazing to watch her easy, consistent swing that included the same pre-shot routine. Tracy was extremely engaging and encouraging; the ladies were delighted with her willingness to share tips helping their game.

Tracy is a former LPGA player who also has a passion for ministry. Along with being LPI’s Ladies Ministry Coach, she has her own organization, The Tracy Hanson Initiative (formerly Out of the Rough). According to her website, her Initiative helps elite athletes tackle the pressure of performance and trauma. Trauma comes in many forms, ranging from an untimely death of a loved one, job loss, or abuse. Tracy knows first-hand the effects of trauma and the pressures related to playing professional golf. With God’s help and the people He put into her life at the right time, she now helps others. This includes donating her time to help Epson Tour players (previously known as the Futures Tour) looking to earn their LPGA card. She trains coaches and other key sports people to better understand athletes emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.

This was Tracy’s second visit to Robson Ranch. Her first visit was approximately 10 years ago, shortly after Robson Ranch Links Fellowship was formed. Tracy had just joined LPI and was very pleasant, but more reserved. The ladies who had met her the first time commented how she had grown and what a blessing it was to see how God was working in her life.

Similar to Tracy’s changes, the Robson Ranch Links Fellowship has changed and grown. Initially, the group was more “study focused.While Bible study is still very important, the group’s emphasis is more “fellowship” based. Using Links Players International devotions and questions to guide their conversations, the ladies have a place where they can safely share and pray about joys, concerns, and pains. Discussing these things while leaning on Jesus helps them keep situations in proper perspective.

The Fellowship continues meeting twice a month, normally the second and fourth Tuesdays after Robson Ranch Ladies Golf Association (RRLGA) golf and lunch. If you love God and love golf, give it a try. If you’re not a golfer, you’re welcome too. Contact either Candy at [email protected] or Linda at [email protected] for information.

FYI, Tracy and her partner finished third in the May 1 Marilynn Smith Senior Women’s Open, just two strokes off first. She’ll be competing in upcoming Legends of the LPGA eventscheck out their website for the schedule.