Time for Spring Cleaning Your Financial Accounts

R.O.S.E. Resources/Outreach to Safeguard the Elderly

Spring is finally here, which means it’s time for some spring cleaning! While you may be busy decluttering your home, don’t forget to clean up your financial accounts as well. In addition to organizing your finances, it’s also important to be vigilant against scams and fraud. Here are some tips for avoiding financial scams during your spring cleaning:

Watch out for phishing emails: Scammers often send emails that look like they’re from a legitimate financial institution, asking you to click on a link or provide personal information. Be wary of any emails that ask for sensitive information, and always double-check the sender’s email address to make sure it’s legitimate. Never click on a link in an email unless you’ve verified the source. Instead, call or visit the website of the bank.

Beware of unsolicited phone calls: Scammers may call you and pretend to be from a bank or credit card company, asking for your personal information or credit card number. Never give out personal information over the phone to someone you don’t know or trust. Instead, verify before trusting. Hang up and call your bank.

Shred old documents: As you’re cleaning out your files and paperwork, make sure to shred any old documents that you do not need anymore that contain sensitive information like your Social Security number or bank account information. This can help prevent identity theft.

Review your credit report and put a credit freeze in place: Your credit report can be a valuable tool in detecting fraud and identity theft. Review your credit report regularly to make sure there are no unauthorized accounts or transactions. Adding a credit freeze will protect your credit file from fraudsters.

Use strong passwords: Make sure all your online accounts are secured with strong, unique passwords. Avoid using the same password for multiple accounts, and never share your passwords with anyone. Consider using a Password Manager software program that manages them for you!

By taking the time to clean up your financial accounts this spring, you can not only organize your finances but also protect yourself against scams and fraud. So, grab a shredder, update your passwords, and keep a watchful eye out for any suspicious activity.

R.O.S.E. seeks to create change by educating and providing awareness of financial scams that typically target the older/elderly population, with a focus on those age 60 and over. For more information and resources, visit www.roseadvocacy.org, email us at [email protected], or call us at 602-445-7673.