Theater at the Ranch Performs First Play, Sylvia

Tizer Finer, Sue Brockhoff, and Mitch Smith

Sue Brockhoff, Karen Dielmann, Nonni Van Dalen

Mitch Smith and Bobbie Sundstrom

Pat Sand

Did you get a chance to see the play Sylvia, by A.R. Gurney, performed by the Robson Ranch Theater Group? I attended the opening performance on Feb. 3, and I can truly say I was blown away by the talent on stage. Although this play only had six actors, they all performed their parts exceptionally well. Tizer Finer who played the dog, Sylvia, mastered the canine gestures and behaviors right down to her “hey, hey, hey,” which simulated Sylvia’s barking. Greg, played by Mitch Smith, was fantastic in every scene playing off Sylvia’s machinations. Bobbie Sundstrom, who played Kate, perfectly depicted the frustrated and exasperated wife who did not want a dog at all! Tom, the guy in the park, was played by Sue Brockhoff, and Kate’s best friend Phyllis, played by Karen Dielmann, were comedic sidekicks reacting to Sylvia’s tomfoolery. Leslie, the therapist, played by Nonni Van Dalen, portrayed the neutral gender counselor in deadpan form to both Greg and Kate’s unresolved marriage conflicts over Sylvia.

Not only was the play good, but it was laugh-out-loud funny. Sylvia’s presence on stage permeated the entire performance. Any scene with Sylvia resounded in giggles and laughter from the audience. The guffaws at the dog’s antics were priceless.

This first performance for the Theater at the Ranch group was stellar. Kudos to Deborah Dorman, who is not only president of the club, but also produced and directed this play. A crew of 20 provided support to all the actors, from makeup to ticket sellers to the set crew who moved furniture during the play.

If you missed this play, look forward to others that this group will add to the Robson Ranch entertainment roster. I expect to see future productions that match the talent and amusing genre that this play achieved.

The Theater at the Ranch is an HOA club dedicated to providing theater for Robson residents and the surrounding community. Currently there are 35 members, and the club hopes to continue to grow. To join the group, of which there are no dues, just send your email to [email protected].