The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi

Some of the retreat participants

Some of the retreat participants

Sixty-eight women from Robson Ranch attended the Ladies Bible Retreat in the Robson Ranch Ballroom. For two days, Wednesday, Jan. 26, and Thursday, Jan. 27, we took a journey to “the land where it all began,” the land that God promised to Abraham and his descendants, Israel.

Using the study that was written and produced by Kathie Lee Gifford and Rabbi Jason Sobel, we were able to walk through the spiritual foundations of our faith and “travel deeper into the desert to have Scripture revealed to us in its original form,”—Hebrew and Greek. Getting an ever-deepening connection with our Rock (Jesus), our Rabbi (God’s Word) helped us explore the Road (Israel) as we never have before. It was quite enlightening to many!

To enhance the experience, artifacts were displayed. Thanks to CJ Azaria, Veronica Long, Ivy Berger, and Sherri Mitchell for providing items such as the Rabbi prayer shawl, a seder plate for the Passover meal, maps of Israel, menorahs, and shofar horns, to name a few.

The Shabbat table for the Sabbath was arranged by Sherri, which included a kiddush cup for blessing the wine, challah bread that represents the manna from heaven and God’s provision, and the Shabbat candles to remind us to keep and observe the Sabbath. The candles signify the spiritual light of God’s divine presence and the physical light of the world, which to Messianic Jews and Christians symbolizes Yeshua (Jesus), the Light of the world.

Thanks to the facilitators, Dee Lee, Linda Gayer, Veronica Long, Kathy Mulhbeier, Pam Dunfee, Sandy Christensen, and Lynn Bishop for planning and implementing the study, and to everyone who attended this year’s event.