The Plumville Project

Jerry Byville and his EWI

Jerry Byville and his EWI

What happens when high tech meets classic jazz? The Plumville Project is the brainchild of new Robson Ranch resident Jerry Byville, the result of a life passion for music and an overwhelming desire to share it selflessly with others.

Jerry began playing trumpet at 12 and encouraged by his drummer father exposed himself to jazz, rock and roll and everything in between. He played in a variety of large and small bands and as an adult continued to share his passion with the multitude of middle school kids he taught for 37 years. He would teach jazz, blues, pop and rock to anyone interested, both before and after school. Some of his fondest memories are of huge impromptu jam sessions comprised of enthusiastic students and adults.

For five years Jerry managed and played in an eight-piece variety band in Traverse City, Michigan. Concerned with his ability to continue playing for the long periods of time required to carry the band in performance, three years ago Jerry began exploring an instrument called an EWI (electronic wind instrument). By capturing individual sound bites of real trumpets, saxophones and other instruments being played, the EWI is programmed to reproduce these in a manner that is astoundingly realistic. After hours of practice to gain control of this device, Jerry solved his physical breath limitation and reignited a new passion playing the EWI. As is Jerry’s way with music, he wanted to share this amazing “wind instrument” with others. After additional hours spent contacting various technical “gurus” for state-of-the-art ideas, Jerry has finally created a viable musical platform to showcase the EWI.

So what is the Plumville Project? In Traverse City the lower level of Jerry’s home was devoted to promoting music. In it were full band arrangements, band office, conga and steel drums, keyboards, a grand piano, music stands and a full PA system. There was no fighting, yelling or competitive ego allowed, only music. Once a fellow musician commented, “Hey, this is real Plumville.” The house was on Plum Drive and Jerry’s last name is Byville. The name and the concept stuck. Jerry explains Plumville as a state of mind or as one saxophone player said, “It is a state of mind no matter what state you’re in.”

If you are interested in hearing this amazing instrument or enjoy sharing a passion for music, please contact Jerry at 248-342-7937.