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The Mixed Putting League Is Back!

Mary Pryor and Stan Lukasik

Mary Pryor and Stan Lukasik

Bob Wilson and Mary Pryor

Bob Wilson and Mary Pryor

After a season hiatus, the putting league has resumed at Robson Ranch. In November and early December, we had three events where we enjoyed beautiful warm and sunny weather, saw old friends again and met many new residents. As in the past, the putting league meets every other Thursday, with two money holes for each event. Space is limited. To sign up, contact Mary Pryor at [email protected].

The results for the past three events are as follows:

Nov. 4, 119 golfers

Gross Scores: Flight 1—Bill Rod 1st, Jeff Everett 2nd, Joe McGree 3rd. Flight 2—Cathy Edge 1st, Stan Lukasik 2nd, Kelly Fried 3rd. Flight 3—Dema Harris 1st, Flo VanVolkom 2nd, Judy Gottsch 3rd. Flight 4—Harold Waddell 1st, Joanne Waddell 2nd, Janice Donaldson 3rd.

Net Scores: Flight 1—Terry Hopton 1st, Bob Wilson 2nd, DuWayne Lamere 3rd. Flight 2—Bob Rock 1st, Bill Waugh 2nd, Jerry McGuigan 3rd. Flight 3—Gary Beack 1st, Mike Meyer 2nd. Flight 4—Susan Blomer 1st, Lorraine Walden 2nd, Jane Minish 3rd. Blind draws were won by Rod Dormer, Sheryl Maydew, Bev Hokanson, Mike Consentino, Rosemary Guindon, Bernie Cano, and Peter Guindon. Money hole winners were Stan Lucasik and Bob Wilson.

Nov. 18, 148 golfers

Gross Scores: Norm Beatty 1st, Mike Meyer 2nd, Joe McGree 3rd.

Net Scores: Flight 1—Terry Kumbera 1st, Cathy Edge 2nd, DuWayne Lamere 3rd, John Wray 4th. Flight 2—Kathy Wright 1st, Elaine Dormer 2nd, Chris Ogrodowski 3rd, Jerry McGuigan 4th, Sally Fullington 5th. Flight 3—Peter Guindon 1st, Harold Waddell 2nd, George Remaley 3rd, Jim Kasper 4th, Dave Bounds 5th. Flight 4—Janice Donaldson 1st, Terry Lukasik 2nd, Bob Tripp 3rd, Karen Hoff 4th, Mary Martin 5th. Newbie Flight—Norm Beatty 1st, Bruce Morris 2nd, Ron Willcoxon 3rd, Deb Willcoxon 4th, Mike Consentino 5th. Blind draws were won by Bette Hinkley and Linda Millard. Money hole winners were DuWayne Lamere and Kelly Fried.

Dec. 2, 141 golfers

Gross Scores: John Wray 1st, Vic Bourassa 2nd.

Net Scores: Flight 1—Terry Hopton 1st, Jeff Everett 2nd, Jeff Stokke 3rd, Monte Sheffler 4th. Flight 2—Steve DeVilbiss 1st, Mike Fortin 2nd, Jason Waddell 3rd, Rhonda McGree 4th. Flight 3—Cindy Sorensen 1st, Margie Blissett 2nd, Sharon Kasper 3rd, Judy Gottsch 4th. Flight 4—Gloria Lamere 1st, Mona Rod 2nd, Joanne Waddell 3rd, Debby Harris 4th, Christine Fortin 5th. Newbie Flight—Chuck Farrand 1st, Rick Kvangnes 2nd, Ann Starr 3rd, Rick Millard 4th, Bruce Morris 5th. Blind draws were won by Leo Wiemelt and Pam Peterson. Money hole winners were Cathy Edge, Dave Bounds, John Wray, and Ann Starr.