The Hope of the World

Pastor Larry Sundin, Rock Springs Church

“The church is the hope of the world.” In fact, the church of Jesus Christ, despite its shortcomings, still remains the greatest force on earth for good. There is no other community where you can see people from different races or economic backgrounds loving one another. There’s no other community where you can find a place to belong without having to measure up to a rigid standard of acceptance. There is no other community that can help you become the change our world needs. And there’s no other place that exists for the good of people who are actually not a part of it. That’s why God created the church. God created His church to be a community of grace that brings hope to our world.

But here’s the issue facing us today: The church has become one of the last places where people turn to for hope. Why is that? There are a number of reasons: For many, the church doesn’t seem all that relevant. So, they dismiss gathering with God’s people because they don’t want to waste their time. For others, participating in a church takes on negative connotations. All they know of the church is what it stands against. They wish churches would be more compassionate and loving. And for some, all they’ve known from churches is pain. May have been hurt or rejected by the church. To them, the church is full of pharisees and judgment, not a place of grace and hope.

But the church was never meant to be any of those things. First, and foremost, the church was meant to be a community of grace. A place where the wayward can find a home and healing without criticism and judgment. Secondly, the church was meant to be a catalyst for learning. A place where ordinary people can open God’s Word and learn how much God loves them and how much He wants for them. Thirdly, the church was meant to be the hands of feet of Christ. A place where people are free to serve one another and become the kind of blessing that brings hope to our world.

Perhaps you’ve thought that if there really was a church like that, you’d consider checking it out. Now, I’m not saying Rock Springs Church is perfect in all the ways I’ve described. But with God’s help and Christ’s love, that’s the kind of church we are hoping to become—a church that brings grace and hope to our world. Perhaps you have the same hope. And if that’s you, why not join us Oct. 15, for our Back To Church Sunday, as we rekindle our calling as God’s people and discover the hope He wants to create in us. We gather every Sunday at 9 a.m. in the Ballroom, and we hope you’ll consider becoming part of the hope God wants to spread through us!