“The Chosen” Viewing and Discussion

Randy Petersen

A group of Christian friends is excited to host a new fellowship opportunity for all Robson Ranch residents in January/February 2023 for an 8-week viewing and discussion series of “The Chosen,” season one.

This popular show tells the story of Jesus of Nazareth and how he calls his initial disciples from different backgrounds to build his ministry. Each episode brings to life the everyday struggles and how people lived and dealt with the challenges of their time. The script tells familiar stories from the Bible using language that is easily understood and depicts the emotional transformation of the characters.

We will gather and watch one episode per week, and then have group discussion on our observations and what we have learned.

It will be facilitated by fellow Robson Ranch residents in an open and supportive environment. Whether you are familiar with these teachings or not, this show is entertaining and educational. The actors do an outstanding job of bringing their characters to life.

Jan. 9: Episode 1 “I Have Called You By Name”

Jan. 16: Episode 2 “Shabbat”

Jan. 23: Episode 3 “Jesus Loves the Little Children”

Jan. 30: Episode 4 “The Rock On Which It Is Built”

Feb. 6: Episode 5 “The Wedding Gift”

Feb. 13: Episode 6 “Indescribable Compassion”

Feb. 20: Episode 7 “Invitations”

Feb. 27: Episode 8 “I Am Here”

We invite you to join us in the Laredo Room every Monday at 3 p.m. starting Jan. 9, 2023.