The “100+ People Who Care” campaign: Desert Dreamers

Ron Hunt

100+ People Who Care is an informal group of men and women who love to give!

It’s simple. Get 100 people to give $100 to the most worthy non-profits around us. The math is 100+ people x $100 = $10,000+ for a local charity in one hour. Done two times per year (semi-annually) it becomes $20,000+ donated per year. If $100 is too much for you, bring someone and form a team to make $100.

100+ Desert Dreamers Who Care is for you if:

* Your time is limited but you have a heart for giving.

* You are willing to commit to one hour twice a year.

* You want to learn about the amazing work being done by our wonderful non-profits.

* You want to be part of a caring and amazing group of men, women, and teens.

* You want 100% of your donation to go directly to a local charity.

We’re known as “The Power of 100 Desert Dreamers”. We help non-profits assisting those most in need in our neighboring communities of Eloy, Casa Grande, and all of Pinal County.

How you can join and make a difference

By becoming an ongoing, supporting member, you may nominate your favorite area charity. Then, we randomly draw three of the nominated charities for each semi-annual gathering. Then, all three charities will present for ten minutes. Next, our members vote and the charity with the most votes will receive 80% of the funds or $8,000. The other two receive 10% each or $1,000.

Our 100+ Desert Dreamers originated here at Robson, but already are starting to come from all over Pinal County. Some are even donating from other states. We are inviting you and all of your friends to join us in making a real difference in our neighbors’ lives.

We’re also asking area businesses, faith communities, and foundations to become part of our work as sponsors. Our first sponsor is Friendship Center Church here at Robson. Friendship Center wrote a check for $600 to our first recipient, Seeds of Hope, in April. They will give $1,000 to the next recipient.

There are other great 100+ Who Care chapters around the U.S. and Canada. There are currently more than 650 active 100+ Who Care chapters like us, and more developing chapters in the U.S. and Canada.

Our inaugural meeting in April garnered more than $2,000 (and counting) for Seeds of Hope. Seeds of Hope programs include free breakfasts and lunches six days a week, a Jobs for Life program, free medical clinics, free after school care (including tutoring and study skills), assisting lonely seniors to reconnect with peers, and much more.

If you give to Seeds of Hope before our next gathering on Nov. 3, you will be a “Founding Member” or “Founding Sponsor” of 100+ Desert Dreamers Who Care.

Our next meeting

Our next meeting will be Sunday, Nov. 3, from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Mando Anaya Center in Albert Cruz Park in Casa Grande.

The 100+ Desert Dreamers Who Care and its events are run by an executive committee of big-hearted volunteers. If you want to be part of it all, contact any of the members of the executive team or go to our Facebook page listed below. Thank you everyone for making a difference in the lives of others.

Ron Hunt at 218-330-5306 or [email protected].

Joanne Parkin at 605-212-4667 or [email protected].

Mary Beth Smith at 804-240-2159 or [email protected].

Matt Lemberg at 520-431-0620 or [email protected].

Facebook page

Search for “100 Desert Dreamers Who Care page” on Facebook and send a request to join.