Thankful to Robson Ranch

Larry Sundin

With the Thanksgiving season upon us, I am reminded about how much we have to be thankful for. But what does it really mean to be thankful? Well, at its core to be thankful is to not only be conscious of a benefit received, but also to be pleased. And once you are pleased to be aware of the benefit you have received, you can’t help but want to express your gratitude or thanks.

So as the Pastor of this growing community of faith here at Robson Ranch I want to say thanks to so many who have helped us in this past year. It was at this time last year that we began introducing the vision and design of Rock Springs Church to Robson Ranch through a series of informational evenings. As a result God raised up over 30 residents who took ownership of our vision and who began to pray with us as we prepared to launch this new church. As I look back, each and every person was a gift to this new work. We could not have launched public services in February without the support and help of each one of these who now call Rock Springs their church home. We are so pleased that God gave you to us and are so thankful for each once of you.

Then there are those who work for Robson but were so great to us in helping us schedule rooms, get the word out, set-up contracts and set up the ballroom for our first services. We have been treated so well by you and are so grateful for how helpful you have been as we’ve taken our first steps as a Church. So a special thanks goes out to Betty Murphy, Jean Handlin, Mike Lyons and Heather Hardesty and her team of workers who have made it so much easier to start this work in the heart of our community. We are so pleased to work with you and thankful for your continued support and assistance whenever needs arise.

Then there are those of you whom God has been bringing to join us on Sunday mornings. Your enthusiastic spirit and willingness to step in to serve, pray and just be part of what God is doing at Robson is an encouragement to us all. What a joy to see many of you building relationships, bringing friends and becoming the life and joy of our new Church family. Again, what a pleasure it is getting to know you and see God at work in and through you. We are so thankful for you!

Finally, we can’t tell you enough what it is like to be part of a warm and welcoming community like Rock Springs Church. And we can’t wait to see how God will continue to bless us in the days ahead. So if you’ve been wondering about Rock Springs or contemplating how you might fit into the story God’s writing here at Robson, then maybe it’s time you came and enjoyed a Sunday morning with us. It will be our pleasure to welcome you. It’s our hope you will be glad you did!