Thank You Robson Ranch

Mary Beth Fisher

When we found ourselves in the midst of a pandemic I had a conversation with a representative from the Alliance Cancer Center (ACC) of Arizona. The conversation was about another subject, but in our interaction, I learned that they were trying to access lunches for fragile elderly chemo patients. These patients with elderly spouses were caught up in the frenzy of when and where to shop, and who could drive them after their five-to-six-hour round of chemotherapy.

I had an idea—since we have a $600 assessment, per household, to support our fantastic restaurant and grill here at Robson Ranch Arizona, why not help the center out with the nourishment requested by the physicians. So, I arranged a process that would allow individuals to purchase three sandwiches, Monday and Wednesday, and provide a sizable tip to our service workers. Ten individuals stepped up to the plate and we have been able to provide this vital nourishment to those patients for the past eight weeks; so this equals $200 a week for eight weeks, which gives $1,600 to our Grill for its support.

The ACC Arizona here in Casa Grande is staffed by Dr. Ramon Mourelo, a board certified general and oncological surgeon; Dr. Ajay Bhatnagar, radiation oncologist; and Dr. Carlos E Arce-Lara, hematologist, oncologist.

The following letter was sent in response to our efforts.

Dear Mary Beth,

The reason for this letter is to say a very big THANK YOU to Mary Beth Fisher and all the great people at Robson Ranch for their incredible generosity and support for donating and delivering sandwiches each and every week for the past 6+ weeks to the cancer patients receiving chemotherapy at the Alliance Cancer Care Center located in Casa Grande. Mary Beth and her incredible team have continuously gone above and beyond to help bring unexpected smiles and a little added comfort to the cancer patients at the Center. To say they have “stepped up,” especially in these very unique and trying times, is truly an understatement!

On behalf of all the cancer patients you have generously provided food for, and from all of us at the Alliance Cancer Care Center and Alliance Cancer Support Center, we collectively say a very big and sincere THANK YOU for everything you have done, and will continue to do in the future, to help bring a little sunshine into the lives of those who have needed it the most, our cancer patients. Your support certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed by the patients and our staff, and it is all greatly appreciated! Mary Beth, thank you again for your amazing efforts and generosity!


Kembly Mourelo