Thank You, Friends

Frank Mills

I would like to thank the residents of Robson Ranch that sent get well cards after my accident and also those that kept me in their prayers during my emergency surgeries and for the three weeks after, when the prognosis for me making a successful recovery were the bleakest.

Special thanks to Clyde and Cookie Smith for persuading me to seek medical attention, as due to a severe concussion I didn’t realize the seriousness of my injuries. They also notified my daughter, Cindy, of my accident and gave selflessly of their time while I was in the hospital for 10 weeks.

I also owe Cindy a debt of gratitude for making an emergency flight to Arizona to be with me while I was hospitalized and for being my voice with the doctors and medical staff when I wasn’t able to speak. She also stayed with me for four months after my release from the hospital, which kept me from being placed in a care facility and Jessi, my little Maltese, from being put in a kennel.

Although I’m still under my doctor’s care I am now able to drive again, and Jessi and I are once again living on our own. My doctor believes that I’ll make a full recovery.

It’s nice to live in a community where the residents truly care about the welfare of others!