Surprising Connections

Sharon Horton

Call it connection, fate, or coincidence; there is something that draws us together here at Robson Ranch.

No doubt we have all met someone since moving here who has a previous connection. Some may merely be from the same state, a nearby town, or have similar acquaintances. However, I have heard many stories from residents who had no intentions of moving here. Still, as soon as they drove through the entrance gate, something magically transformed them into believing, “this is the place.” So many are here at Robson Ranch because of the lush landscape, the beautiful golf course, the activities, and the overall peace and serenity.

As friendships develop, some more substantial and binding than lifelong friends, residents feel like “we’re here for one another.” Friends and neighbors are willing to lend a helping hand whenever needed.

My husband met two fellow Navy veterans at a Support Our Troops event who served on the same ship simultaneously as he did during the Vietnam War. But, they never knew one another until they were brought together here at Robson Ranch. He has also met Navy pilots who flew off and on aircraft carriers he was on, only to first make their acquaintance here at Robson Ranch.

I, too, have experienced surprising connections with several neighbors. For example, in a conversation with a neighbor one day, we found out our mothers are buried in the same California cemetery.

While celebrating at a California party, I met someone who lived six miles from where I had lived; our schools competed in sports, and we were in the same year in school. But, we didn’t meet until we both moved to Robson Ranch.

My latest connection happened a couple of months ago with a neighbor I have known casually for 10 years. One day, while visiting, I mentioned I was from Bakersfield, Calif.

“Oh,” she said, “Did you know anyone by the name of Hugh Sill?” My answer, “Yes, he’s my uncle,” which revealed the closest connection I’ve experienced. She explained her dad and my uncle were roommates in college, and my uncle was the best man at her parents’ wedding. The two families remained close and had visited one another over the years. She even shared a picture of her parents’ marriage, showing my uncle as the best man. I forwarded the picture to my cousin, and she remembered the family well, stating her dad had shared many delightful stories about his roommate and family.

Many more contacts and stories are waiting to be heard and shared, so I encourage everyone to reach out to friends and neighbors and find their connections.