Summer is for hiking too

Warren Wasescha

It’s summer. It’s hot. And you wonder, does anyone hike mountain trails around the Valley at this time of year? While it’s preferable to hike from November through April, poeple do continue to hike during the summer months.

The game plan is just a bit different. Top on the list is to choose less-aggressive, shorter hikes. Hikes where you don’t have to exert yourselves as much in the higher temperatures of summer. Next is to start earlier. Leave so you can be at the trailhead at sunrise when it’s cooler. Third is to carry enough water. Double up what you might normally bring. It’s about never being without water. Watch for pollution advisory alerts and choose a day that has healthy air to breathe. And then it’s about dressing appropriately, using the right sunscreen and bringing along a few healthy snacks. With the right preparations, you can hike well into summer and continue to enjoy the sights from the trail that you enjoy in winter.

New to hiking? Feel like visiting Sun Lakes from time to time? Come join our group. We hike at all skill levels, and our club is a great way to spend time with others while seeing parts of the Valley you might not get to see otherwise. Check out our website at to view descriptions of our hikes and some great photos that club members post. Need a recommendation for some good summer hikes now? Contact our club president Stu Frost by emailing him at [email protected]. Happy hiking! And remember, any day hiking is a day well spent.