Stained Glass Club Happenings

Stained glass panel artwork—learn to make your own stained glass panels during our fall/winter season monthly panel class!

Cynthia Melito, President of the Stained Glass Club

Members of the Stained Glass Club have been keeping busy and cool in Studio V with the Summertime Panel Series. Each member has a wooden base light with a groove to hold the interchangeable panels. I have designed each panel for an interesting design as well as a new technique for the members to add to their skill set. The classes are held on Thursday mornings and the panels usually take three classes to complete. After completing only three panels, I can already see the improvement in the skill techniques of the members.

Since this has been such a success, I will continue to offer a monthly panel class through the fall/winter season. The Stained Glass Club also offers a Beginner’s Class, with the student completing a sunset night-light. Once the member has completed the class, they are more than welcome to join in the fun of creating the panel series, or work on their own projects. For more information about our Beginner’s Class, please send an email to [email protected].