Spotlight on Advertiser: Who do you trust with your home?


Just Plumbing; you’ve probably heard their name, have their equipment in your home or know someone who does. They are the long-trusted sellers of water treatment and water heaters. They are best known for their Lifetime Warranties on the equipment they sell and service. Justin, the man who started the company over 14 years ago, has over 23 years in the plumbing industry. Knowing that 50 percent of small businesses fail in five years and 66 percent fail in the first ten years, this is no small accomplishment. Considering the recession hit the construction industry the hardest, right at their five-year mark, this is downright incredible! So how did they not only stay in business, but become a household name in Pinal County?

Determination and customer service are the answers Justin gives. He was determined to keep his guys working, and one day see his daughters work there as well. As for customer service, Justin says working for his Dad’s company from a young age, working for others in residential and commercial plumbing projects and finally starting his own company in 2004, gave him the years of experience needed. While everyone wants a quality job done, different customers have different priorities. For example, their commercial customers like Nissan, Walmart or the City of Casa Grande, generally put the schedule as most important. When they were doing general service work, a low price was what people desired. Most people figure ‘any plumber can install a toilet, so who can do it the cheapest’. However, they found that with water treatment, customers wanted a trustworthy company with a good warranty. When you’re spending hundreds to thousands of dollars, customers want to be sure they are getting a reliable product, installed by a person they trust, purchased from a company that will be around for years to service and maintain it.

Being trustworthy is a difficult thing to put your finger on, though. It’s not just being honest. An honest company may still go out of business and be unable to keep well-intentioned promises if they are new. Being trustworthy requires trust and trust takes time to earn. After 14 years in business, Just Plumbing’s customers trust them. If a product has a problem, they trust that it will be repaired. They trust that the men and women at Just Plumbing will treat your home as you want it treated and treat you like family. This trust has been earned by selling dependable products, years of honest service and offering unique warranties. They offer Lifetime Parts and Labor warranties on their water treatment equipment as well as their water heaters. Best of all, these warranties come without asterisks. No fine print, no exclusions. If you buy their products and have them maintained annually, they warranty them for life. That would be like buying a car and getting a lifetime bumper to bumper warranty if you always have your oil changed where you bought it.

Another unique aspect of Just Plumbing is they are a dedicated water treatment company. Water treatment isn’t their side business. Service work, like installing faucets and fixing leaks, is only about five percent of their work. So, you don’t have worry that their hands were in your neighbor’s toilet just before they changed your drinking water filters. They are the only company within 25 miles of Robson Ranch dedicated to water treatment and water heaters.

So, if you are one of the few people in Robson who hasn’t heard of Just Plumbing look them up; they’re in the book.