SOT-A3 contributes to Eloy Veterans Memorial Park

Memorial Day 2016, Eloy Veterans Center and Eloy City Officials cut the ribbon to the newly completed Phase One of the Eloy Veterans Memorial Park. A state-of-the-art 25 ft. flagpole was unveiled with the raising of Old Glory to the top and then back to half-staff in honor of our fallen military. It is truly inspiring to see our colors towering over the park as well as the city of Eloy. The SOT-AZ donated bronze plaque, mounted on a boulder placed at the base of the flag, reminds all of the commitment and contribution SOT made to the park. The opening ceremonies featured a local veteran singing of each military branch theme song, various veterans speaking about how this park has touched their lives, and the singing of God Bless America while the Chapute Family “signed” the words, a moving experience for all. We invite our Robson residents to visit the park as well as the Veterans Center on Main St., downtown Eloy, and reflect on the sacrifices of our fallen military.

Note: Pat Carlberg worked with a former business client who anonymously donated the state-of-the-art flagpole and flag to SOT-AZ, who in-turn donated it as well as the bronze plaque to the Eloy Veterans Center. Pat was also instrumental in securing the proper installation of the flagpole. Thank you, Pat, for all your dedicated efforts!

Please mark your calendars for the following upcoming events:

Sot-AZ annual Veterans Day Golf Tournament will now be a veterans “week” of festivities, November 4-11, 2016. We will continue to update you throughout the summer regarding all our traditional events as well as new activities. Remember, the main golf tournament on Veterans Day, November 11, fills up quickly. Watch for our early registration announcement sometime later this summer!

Flag Drive: For a $25 donation receive a yard or boulevard flag, or you can do both for $50. As many saw on Memorial Day and Flag Day, your donated flags line the main roads of Robson Ranch as well as the many residents who also proudly display their purchased yard flags. It is truly a magnificent site to see these flag-lined streets.

Don’t miss the opportunity to fly your yard flag this Independence Day!

Membership Drive: We now offer lifetime memberships for $25 per person, which includes our new flag magnet to proudly display on your vehicles Reminder: please remove before commercially washing your car. Annual memberships are still available for $5 pp.

Please contact Steve Anderson at [email protected] if you are interested in purchasing a yard and/or main boulevard flag for any/all of the noted events and contributing missions. Your support is needed and greatly appreciated by all our SOT-AZ volunteers, and of course, our local veterans and their families.

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