Softball teams compete at Palm Creek

Paul Gayer

As fall turns into winter, the Robson Ranch Softball Club members start to get the field into shape for the softball season. Cutting the grass, grooming the infield and checking the sound system and scoreboard are just some of the activities you will see going on when you walk by the field. Managers get together to form the teams, players begin to hone their hitting and fielding skills, and finally schedules are received. It’s time for the Palm Creek Winter Softball League to commence.

This year Robson Ranch had three teams compete in the league. The Robson Rangers competed in the C league and was managed by Rick Hagen. The two B league teams were Robson Raptors, managed by Ken Muhlbeier, and Robson Renegades, co-managed by Ron Petersen and Ron Hunt. Twice a week the teams traveled to Palm Creek where they faced their strong opponent.

When the two Robson teams played it was especially competitive, but when all was said and done only one could remain on top. Congratulations to the Robson Renegades who won the league title this year on the last day of the regular season! Way to go, guys!

The Softball Club is looking for more players, and you will fit right in! Did you play softball and want to get back in the game? Did you always want to play softball but never had time? Well, grab your mitt and join us on Saturday mornings! It’s never too late to get back in the game! If you don’t play but want to be part of all the fun, come to the softball field to cheer on your Robson teams! Check out the bulletin boards at the field to get all the information: practice day/time, executive board members’ contact info, schedule of play, etc.