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Shelter Dogs Receive New Beds

Joy Wegner, PCACC volunteer

You have probably heard the idiom “let sleeping dogs lie.” The phrase usually refers to ignoring a problem, because dealing with it might bring on more problems.

Not so with the dogs at Pinal County Animal Care and Control’s (PCACC) shelter near Casa Grande. Dogs at the PCACC shelter need a place to sleep, and to lie. Their kennels have cold, hard concrete floors that are sometimes damp from daily maintenance. So, how does a “sleeping dog lie?”

On an elevated bed, of course!

Requests were made in November for donations toward the purchase of materials to build 100 new elevated mesh dog beds for the shelter. The Pinal County community and others responded in a big way, funding building materials for 125 beds.

These thoughtful contributions, along with a generous discount on bed frame materials from The Home Depot in Casa Grande, enabled a group of volunteers to construct the beds in January. Bud and Joy Wegner, residents of SaddleBrooke, directed the project. Twenty-five volunteers built custom-sized frames from PVC materials and secured premade mesh covers to the frames.

These beds are durable yet economical, allowing for several replacements of the covers using the same frames. Wayne Kingsbury and Warren Smith, residents of Robson Ranch, will be repairing the beds as needed.

Friends of Pinal County Animal Shelter & Rescues, a nonprofit organization that provides for veterinary care, training, and well-being of animals at the county shelter, sponsored this project. You’ll find more details about their work at