Rules on pets at Robson Ranch

Office of the HOA

Everyone loves animals, right? Avid pet lovers sometimes have a difficult time understanding why this is not the case, but regardless of the reason there are many people who do not care for them. Unfortunately, irresponsible pet owners are sometimes the only cause of the dislike. This month’s article reviews the rules on pets at Robson Ranch.

There are three areas of concern most expressed by homeowners regarding pets at the Ranch: pet waste removal, pets off leash (primarily cats roaming freely) and pet noise (barking). Of the three, pet waste removal is by far the most frequent complaint received by this HOA office, and it comes from both non-pet AND responsible pet owners.

When Fido and Fluffy accompany you to the Ranch, you as their caregiver are solely responsible for their conduct at all times and in all places. They cannot pick up after themselves and aren’t usually keen on wearing diapers. Leaving pet feces where it is deposited is not only irresponsible and not allowed, it is unsanitary; it smells, draws flies and spoils the area for use by other residents.

Both the CC&Rs (Section 5.2.1) and the Community Rules (Article X, Section 1) state that it is the “pet owner’s responsibility to remove and dispose of any solid waste deposited by such animal on private or public property, including common property.” Professional pet waste removal is not an amenity provided to homeowners by the HOA.

Please be observant of your pet’s potty habits, keep plastic bags handy until they have done their “business,” then pick up after them and deposit the bags in the trash.

Pets roaming freely are in constant danger from coyotes, hawks, owls, snakes and other wild animals native to this area. Additionally, pets have a habit of “marking” their perceived territories, which may include your neighbor’s belongings. The smell from this is extremely pungent and difficult to completely eliminate. All pets, both dogs and cats “must be kept in a fenced yard or on a leash or otherwise appropriately restrained at all times.” (CC&Rs, 5.2.1)

Overall, pet owners should be aware that “No bird or other animal shall be allowed to make an unreasonable amount of noise or to become a nuisance or an unreasonable annoyance to other Owners or Residents.” (CC&Rs, 5.2.1)

There are fines associated with infractions for each of the areas discussed above. They range from $25 for a first offense to $50 for the second offense and a doubling of the fine for each additional occurrence. If you witness a violation of the CC&Rs regarding pets, please try to bring it to the homeowner’s attention. If necessary, take a picture with your cell phone and report it to the HOA office. In the instance of noise, again please attempt to bring it to the homeowner’s attention. If it continues, call patrol and report it to them immediately so they can come check it out.

If you are a pet owner, please do your part to help create a clean, safe and pleasant environment for your pet and everyone at Robson Ranch.