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RRLGA weekly results

April 8, Member/Member

Flight 1: 1st place Sue Waibel and Susan Worner; 2nd place Bobbie Johnson and Cindy Jense; 3rd place Karen Connell and Laurel Graf

Flight 2: 1st place Candy Burtis and Dee Lee; 2nd place Shirley Eliuk and Margaret Erickson; 3rd place Jeri Srenaski and Patti Baumann

Flight 3: 1st place Judy Brozek and Jan Stocek; 2nd place Teresa Baxter and Carol Ilten; 3rd place Adele Wolyn and Fran Schwartz

April 15, Fives

Flight 1: 1st place Candy Burtis; 2nd place Lorna Watts; 3rd place Kathy Holwick

Flight 2: 1st place Robin Barber; 2nd place Bobbie Johnson; 3rd place Fran Fowler

Flight 3: 1st place Adele Wolyn; 2nd place Fran Schwartz; 3rd place Dell Hoff

April 22, Make Your Hole Count

1st place Karen Connell, Robin Barber, Joanne Heiman and Kathleen Hockett; 2nd place Kathy Holwick, Cindy Jensen, Adele Wolyn and Kathleen Hockett (blind draw, wins twice); 3rd place Lorna Watts, MaryLou Walton, Fran Schwartz and Adele Wolyn (blind draw, wins twice)

April 29, TT and FF

Flight 1: 1st place Lorna Watts and Cindy Jensen; 2nd place: Patty Bruchez and MaryLou Walton

Flight 2: 1st place Dell Hoff and Joanne Heiman; 2nd place Kathleen Hockett and Dell Hoff (blind draw, wins twice). Closest to the pin: Fran Fowler