RRLGA Tuesday League Day results

Here are the 2016 RRLGA Member/Guest tournament results for March 7 and 8.

Skills Challenge:

First Flight, Pam Mumy and Kathy Warner; Second Flight, Terry Fondurulia and Judy Bates; Third Flight, Cathy Edge and Rose Duchaine; Fourth Flight, Joanne Heiman and Arlene Engelbert


First Flight: The Supremes. Gross: 1st Susan Worner and Jan Hair; 2nd MaryLou Walton and Margie Kerr; 3rd Lorna Watts and Linda Donaldson. Net: 1st Robin Barber and Nicole Barber; 2nd Patty Bruchez and Christy Rolando; 3rd Pam Mumy and Kathy Warner

Second Flight: The Sensations. Gross: 1st Marcia Tiefenthaler and Rebecca Hamilton; 2nd Teresa Baxter and Nikki Dsilva; 3rd Deb Parker and Shirley Weaver. Net: 1st Betty Kumbera and Pam George; 2nd Chris Clark and Frankie Rioux; 3rd Cheryl Babb and Linda Wittmack.

Third Flight: The Marvelettes. Gross: 1st Patti Baumann and Barb Dinardo; 2nd Debbie Hatcher and Nancy Perkins; 3rd Barbara Gayer and Anne Lott. Net: Margaret Erickson and Myrna Wilson; 2nd Cathy Edge and Rose Duchaine; 3rd Dee Lee and Maureen Bowen.

Fourth Flight: The Crystals. Gross: 1st Joanne Heiman and Arlene Engelbert; 2nd Mary Syer and Susan White; 3rd Jen Srenaski and Sheila O’Shea. Net: Jan Stocek and Bev Clinton; 2nd Judy Brozek and Becky Hanson; 3rd Linda Carlberg and Jody McIlrath.

KP: 1st flight Kathy Holwick; 2nd flight Betty Kumbera; 3rd flight Rose Duchaine; 4th flight Arlene Engelbert

Longest Putt: 1st flight Susan Worner; 2nd flight Nikki Dsilva; 3rd flight Kathy Richards; 4th flight Jody McIlrath

Long Drive: 1st flight Shriley Fowler; 2nd flight Pam George; 3rd flight Anne Lott; 4th Flight Becky Hanson

Other RRLGA League Day tournament winners:

February 23, Irish 4 Ball. First place: Jan Kinley, Jean DeChristohper, Marcia Tiefenthaler and Deb Parker; second place: Deb Stenerson, Margaret Erickson, Robin Barber and Barbara Gayer; third place: Shirley Eliuk, Dell Hoff, Patty Bruchez and Kathleen Hockett.

March 12, Fives. Flight 1: 1st Sue Waibel, 2nd Lorna Watts, 3rd Patty Bruchez; Flight 2: Terry Fondurulia, 2nd Dell Hoff, 3rd Jean DeChristopher; Flight 3: 1st Patti Baumann, 2nd Jeri Srenaski, 3rd Mary Syer.