RRLGA Member/Guest Tournament – Partners in Crime

The suspects

The suspects

Sheriff Jay Wilson and prisoner Judy Brozek

Sheriff Jay Wilson and prisoner Judy Brozek

The RRLGA’s fifth annual member-guest tournament took place on March 13 and 14. Chair Judy Brozek and her committee, Jan Stocek, MaryLou Walton, Mary Syer, Margaret Erickson, Fran Fowler, Jeri Srenaski and Pam Mumy, planned this two-day event around the board game of CLUE.

The first day was Par For The Course, solve the murder mystery. Members and their guests toured the model homes and collected clues. The afternoon shotgun was a 6-6-6 format, and clues were collected at each tee box. Following play there was a cocktail party where each team opened their clues and submitted their guess as to the Who, What and Where of the murder mystery.

The second day format was Partner’s Better Ball. We all enjoyed a delicious lunch followed by the announcements of all flight, closest-to-pin, longest drive, murder mystery and raffle prize winners. Sheriff Jay Wilson was on hand to arrest the suspect, Judy Brozek, for the crime and put her in jail!

Member winners were the following:

First Flight: 1st low gross Lorna Watts, 2nd low gross Candy Burtis, 3rd low gross Janice Kinley, 4th low gross MaryLou Walton; 1st low net Susan Worner, 2nd low net Patty Bruchez, 3rd low net Pam Mumy, 4th low net Mary Pryor.

Second Flight: 1st low gross Jean DeChristopher, 2nd low gross Marcia Tiefenthaler, 3rd low gross, Terry Fondurulia, 4th low gross, Kathy Merida; 1st low net Bobbie Johnson, 2nd low net Fran Fowler, 3rd low net Joanne Johnson, 4th low net Mary Syer.

Third Flight: 1st low gross Robin Barber, 2nd low gross Deb Parker, 3rd low gross Karen Connell, 4th low gross Betty Kumbera; 1st low net Teresa Baxter, 2nd low net Cindy Jensen, 3rd low net Mona Rod, 4th low net Cathy Edge.

Fourth Flight: 1st low gross Barbara Desserault, 2nd low gross Mary Kindt, 3rd low gross Barbara Gayer, 4th low gross Patti Baumann; 1st low net Donna Shepherd, 2nd low net Jeri Srenaski, 3rd low net Jan Stocek, 4th low net Judy Brozek.

The committee would like to thank everyone for their participation, support and contributions including Marv Everson, member contributions for raffle and door prizes, spouses and RRMGA members, Jay Wilson, Heather Hardesty and the entire Food and Beverage staff, Robson Corporate and Robson Sales staff.