RRLGA finishes 2015-2016

Kathy Holwick and Terry Rattey will compete in the 2017 AWGA State Medallion.

Kathy Holwick and Terry Rattey will compete in the 2017 AWGA State Medallion.

The RRLGA elected a new board at the general membership meeting on April 19, 2016. Bobbie Johnson, president; Kathy Holwick, vice president; Mary Pryor, secretary; and Patty Bruchez, treasurer, are the elected positions. The appointed positions are Mary Lou Walton and Terry Rattey, tournament chair and assistant; Karen Connell and Jean DeChristopher, rules and handicap chair and assistant; Teresa Baxter, membership chair; Lorna Watts, AWGA representative; and Dee Lee, past president. The new board will have its first meeting in June, and their terms expire May 31, 2017. Thank you to all the members who have been willing to serve on the RRLGA board.

All lady golfers, please come out to join us during RRLGA Summer Play on Wednesdays starting June 8. Resident guests are welcome on league day, 6:30 a.m. If you would like to join us, contact Mary Lou Walton, tournament chair, at [email protected] by the Saturday before play.

RRLGA end-of-season tournament results:

AWGA State Medallion: Congratulations to Terry Rattey and Kathy Holwick for being the low gross and low net of the field in the four qualifying rounds this season. They will represent Robson Ranch at the State Medallion tournament in January 2017.

President’s Cup (eclectic tournament)

Combo Tees: Flight one: 1st Lorna Watts, 2nd Terry Rattey; most Improved Jan Kinley. Flight two: 1st Patty Bruchez, 2nd Susan Worner; most improved Bobbie Johnson.

Plum Tees: Flight one: 1st Cindy Jensen; 2nd Robin Barger; most improved Dee Lee. Flight two: 1st Dell Hoff, 2nd Judy Brozek; most improved Bea Pressler