RRLGA annual Member/Guest Tournament


Barbara Gayer

The RRLGA’s sixth annual member/guest tournament took place on March 12 and 13. Chair Terry Fondurulia and her committee members, Fran Browe, Cathy Edge, Glady Miller, Adele Wolyn and Linda Thompson, planned this two-day event with the theme “spring is in the air.” At the end of the first day of golf we all enjoyed a cocktail party and raffle prizes. The second day after golf we had a wonderful lunch, prizes and a once in a life time fashion show. The totals from each day of play were added together to determine the winners. We had two beautiful days of golf. The members’ guests came from around Arizona to as far away as Alaska to participate in the event. The committee would like to thank everyone for their participation including Marv Everson, member contributions for raffle and door prizes, spouses and RRMGA members, Jay Wilson, Heather Hardesty and the entire Food and Beverage staff, Robson Corporate and Robson Sales staff.

Flight 1: 1st MaryLou Walton and Margie Kerr; 2nd Mary Pryor and Kris Nelson; 3rd Susan Worner and Jan Hair

Flight 2: 1st Betty Kumbera and Pam George; 2nd Karen Connell and Coleen Myers; 3rd Cindy Jensen and Delores Albers;

Flight 3: 1st Teresa Baxter and Linda Wittmark; 2nd Robin Barber and Nicole Barber; 3rd Char Burrill and Sherry Fisher

Flight 4: 1st Cathy Edge and Karen Halbakken; 2nd Barbara Desserault and Connie Carr; 3rd Mona Rod and Arlene Engelbert

Flight 5: 1st Sharon Kasper and Darlene Phillips; 2nd Barbara Gayer and Sandra Anderson; 3rd Jeri Srenaski and Darla Leimeister

More results from March League days

March 6, 2018 (Gross and Net)

Flight 1: 1st Bobbie Johnson and Barbara Gayer; 2nd Susan Worner and Sharon Kasper; 3rd Kathy Holwick and Debby Harris

Flight 2: 1st Shirley Eliuk and Mona Rod; 2nd MaryLou Walton and Mary Syer; 3rd Mary Pryor and Patty Baumann

Flight 3: 1st Candy Burtis and Donna Shepherd; 2nd Karen Connell and Linda Walker; 3rd Kathy Peterson and Gloria LaMere

March 20, 2018 (March Madness)

Flight 1: 1st Candy Burtis; 2nd Karen Connell; 3rd Kathy Holwick

Flight 2: 1st Seanna Madera; 2nd Teresa Baxter; 3rd Mary Pryor

Flight 3: 1st Mary Kindt; 2nd Cathy Edge; 3rd Sharon Kasper

Flight 4: 1st Barbara Gayer; 2nd Joann Slivkoff; 3rd Donna Shepherd

March 27, 2018 (Whack and Hack)

Flight 1: 1st Cathy Edge, Shirley Eliuk, Fran Fowler, Nancy Kraus; 2nd Regina Bellach, Char Burrill, Dee Lee, Mary Syer; 3rd Karen Connell, Pam Mumy, Mary Pryor, Linda Walker

The RRLGA is pleased to welcome new members Ingrid Schneider, Joanne Slivkoff and Jane Wright. If you are interested in joining the RRLGA please contact our membership chair, Robin Barber, at [email protected].