Roving Ranchers Tour Davis Monthan AFB

Joe Murauskis and A10 jet

Carol Laird and Nancy Murray

Doris Betuel learning how to use a pulley

Pat Sand

The Roving Ranchers visited the Davis Monthan Air Force Base on Dec. 13 for a private tour of the facility. Our group of 40 Robson Ranch residents were met by Nicole Dalrymple, chief community engagement officer, who checked us in as we boarded the bus in a parking lot offsite. We traveled to the base by bus for a mission briefing at the 354th Fighter Squadron Center. Ms. Dalrymple accompanied us as our host throughout the tour. Squadron Commander Lt. Col. Gary F. Glajek and Director of Operations Maj. Adam Peterson gave the group an overview of their roles at the base.

We met Captain Daehyue Yin at the squadron office. He pilots the A10 fighter jet and shared his experiences as well as showed us his equipment locker. He stated that each pilot has an equipment locker that consists of a flight suit with zero gravity accessories and a very heavy helmet. Captain Yin passed his helmet around the group so we could feel the weight of it and imagine how it is in flight. He then escorted us to the fuel hanger and we were able to walk up to an A10 jet. Several mechanics met with us and pointed out details of the jet’s capabilities.

The group was now hungry for lunch, and we bussed to the Base Exchange, which was similar to a shopping mall food court, and ordered lunch. Some residents visited the kiosks selling specialty items.

After lunch we headed to the 55th Rescue Squadron and Captain Halley Clinton and Staff Sergeant Nicholas Shaffera presented some of their helicopter rescue mission capabilities, including a recent rescue of a person in medical distress aboard a cruise ship in the Pacific.

Our last stop was the Para-rescue Squadron. These men had their equipment laid out on the ground for us to view and hold. Several Ranchers sat in the variety of jeeps and were able to heft the rescue kit they use, which weighed 40+ pounds.

The Ranchers were quite impressed with the enthusiasm of the Air Force personnel. The soldiers were open and friendly, sharing information about their roles and the specifics of their duties. Everyone learned something about our Air Force troops that we hadn’t known beforehand. We were grateful for the opportunity to hear their stories and experiences, and went away in awe of how their service helps people on a daily basis.

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