Roving Ranchers Golf Cart Poker Run

The winners: David Emery, Karma Keirns, and Chet Kwiat

Pat Sand

The Roving Ranchers had their first golf cart poker run on Feb. 18. Twenty golf carts with two people per cart participated, and five homes hosted the participants. Each participant paid a $10 entry fee. The group met at Gerard and Carolyn Wittman’s home to register and pick their first card for their poker hand. The Wittmans didn’t disappoint with some yummy appetizers, including Kentucky bourbon sliders. Most headed outdoors to the patio to enjoy the food and weather. It was sunny and 80 degreesperfect!

After 45 minutes, the group drove to Lori and Rick Rogers home to select their second card and gorge on more snacks. The highlight was Rick’s “crack bacon” appetizer! From there, the group headed to Linda and Steve Hay’s home. Steve and Linda went all out, decorating their home with red and black diamonds, spades, hearts, and clubs mirroring a deck of cards. Now everyone had three cards, and much speculation began as to who might have the possibility of a winning poker hand. Linda and Steve treated the group to bratwurst bites and homemade pretzels. As a special drink, our hosts offered “German Chocolate Cake” shots. Sharing the recipe, Steve said these were vodka with Frangelico liquor. Prior to drinking the shot, each person was offered a sugarcoated lemon wedge. After drinking the shot, the idea was to then eat the lemon and get the true taste of German chocolate cake.

Fully sated, the parade of carts continued to Yvonne and Jim Reynolds’ home. The group sat outside enjoying the beautiful weather and feasting on a veggie tray and tortilla wraps. The last stop was at Joe Murauskis and Pat Sand’s home for desserts! An array of goodies took up two countertops with a variety of selections including cookies, cupcakes, and fudge!

At this point, everyone had five cards and was ready to see who had the best hand. Joe Murauskis and Gerard Wittman called out various poker hand combinations until someone indicated that was their hand. First place went to David Emery. Karma Keirns and Chet Kwiat took second and third place, respectively. There were no losers at this event though. Everyone was a winner!

The Roving Ranchers plan to do another golf cart poker run in October. Join the Roving Ranchers group on or to keep up with the planned activities.