Ropin’ in the Relatives

Sharon Horton

Wouldn’t it be a gift if we could look into the future to see what awaits us? To know what we are going to do tomorrow, a week from now or even years from now? To know about our future health, wealth and how long we might live? We can predict the weather with questionable accuracy, speculate the stock market and only guess at the next big thing to come around the corner in the technical or electronic field. But the exact future is still unknown.

One thing we can do for certain is learn about the past. We all love to reminisce and often regret the loss of various outdated items that were a mainstay in our daily lives. Many of us still have some of these items in our homes as “antiques” and consider them treasures.

I’m sure everyone has seen the commercials on television about finding your roots and connecting with your long lost (or deceased) relatives. Curiosity is the driving force behind those of us doing genealogy research and has become a very satisfying, rewarding endeavor.

Imagine finding a birth parent you’d never met, then aunts and cousins to begin a new loving relationship. Or locating a sister you’d never known and have her come to Robson Ranch for a reunion, finding out you not only look alike but also share the same mannerisms.

I was able to locate my grandparents and visit their graves, the home they raised that family in and even walk through the house my grandfather lived in until his death. My great grandfather, whose name I didn’t know until I began the class, was found to be a Superintendent of Lighthouses, District 12, in northern California and was instrumental in constructing the first jetty in Eureka. How proud I was to find his name in print for his many achievements, an Irish immigrant coming to America at the age of nine to find a better life.

If you’ve ever wondered about your lost or forgotten relatives we invite you to come to a meeting, and we’ll help you begin your search. The genealogy group, “Ropin’ in the Relatives,” meets twice a month on Tuesday evenings in the Sports Club meeting room. Enjoy guest speakers, field trips and the friendship of fellow Robson neighbors to help you along your journey of researching your family history. Our next regular meeting is December 8 at 7:00 p.m. in the Sports Club meeting room. If you have any questions, please contact President Sandy Rasmussen at [email protected] or Sharon Horton at [email protected].