Rock Springs Church 7th Anniversary Celebration

Rick Ashby, Betty Jones, and Betty Lundin

Rick Ashby, Betty Jones, and Betty Lundin

Larry Sundin

On Sunday, Feb. 6, the people of Rock Springs Church gathered to celebrate God’s goodness to us over the past seven years. Our God has worked among us to encourage 25 adults take the step of obedience in water baptism, to grow to nearly 90 participants in our Journey Groups, to pack and send over 15,000 Christmas shoeboxes around the world, to take three different mission trips to serve the people of Ocean Beach, and to help provide thousands of meals to the Eloy Food Bank. Over the last two years, our God has carried us through the trials of this pandemic, adventures with Zoom services, and golf cart worship, and the loss of dear brothers and sisters. But one thing we have learned over these past seven years: Our Father has never wavered in His love for us. He was with us in the beginning. He is with us now. Our God has been faithful and He has been good to us.

During our anniversary celebration, we took time to hear of how God is working in and through the lives of our people. We heard from Randall Stitt, Jim and Sharon Green, Todd Tolson, Linda Balzan, and Frank Pirkel. Randall shared how God used a lime green golf cart to make our community their home. Linda shared the joy she has in being able to serve others by bringing them a home-cooked meal. And Jim, Sharon, Todd, and Frank all shared how vital it is to have brothers or sisters to pray with, encourage you, and help you on your journey of following Christ. If you want to hear their stories, please check out the Feb. 6 Anniversary Service on our web page at

Finally, one of the special moments of the day was to honor all the servants of Rock Springs Church. Servants such as Debbie Olguin, who’s served over the past six years with our Prayer Team, to Ken Hansen, who’s served on our Leadership Team from the very beginning. From servants like Betty Lundin (Hospitality Team) to Connie Drew (Mercy Team), from Sandy Kantrud (Welcome Team) to Bill Schaible (Signs), from Sharon Green (Journey Groups) to Steve Bishop (Operation Christmas Child), from Mike Casey and George Remaley (Tech) to Nancy Stogsdill (Media), and from Michele Conrad (Communion) to Becky Sundin (Worship)—there are more than 80 people serving in some capacity through Rock Springs Church.

The longer I have the privilege of pastoring Rock Springs, the more thankful I am for all the unique and wonderful people God is using to help us make disciples of Jesus and make a difference with Jesus. If you’d like to know more about Rock Springs or how you can connect with us, why not come worship with us this Sunday. We worship every Sunday at 9 a.m. in the Hermosa Ballroom.