Robson residents support local charities

Charity is not just for the holidays; people need help all year long. We would like to thank our residents at Robson Ranch/Eloy for their continued support of nine local charities and let them know that it’s greatly appreciated. These charities are still in need of our help, and we will continue to collect the following items for the noted charities.

General Mills box top coupons for education and Campbell labels for education for local schools.

School supplies for local schools.

Toiletry items, new and used clothing and household items for Against Abuse and Home of Hope.

Magazines and small stuffed animals to donate to the hospital.

Pink Yoplait Yogurt lids for the Susan G. Koman Foundation.

Pop tops on can lids (soda, beer, soup etc.) to benefit Ronald McDonald House.

Used eyeglasses, sunglasses and reader glasses for the Lions Club.

Dry and canned food items for the Food Bank.

Food and supplies for the Valley Humane Society.

These items can be dropped off at the Robson Sports Club to be distributed by our loyal volunteers.