Robson Ranch Softball vs Eloy Fire Department

Players in the softball game between Robson Ranch and Eloy Fire Department

Players in the softball game between Robson Ranch and Eloy Fire Department

Did you notice lots of firemen congregating around the Robson Ranch softball field along with Robson players on March 25? Hopefully you wandered over to the field to check out what was happening! Many people did! The Robson Ranch Softball Club sponsored a community relations softball game with players from our home teams, the Rangers and the Raptors, to play against players from the Eloy Fire Department: Robson Ranch vs Eloy Fire Department.

This community softball game challenged the youth and vitality of the Eloy Fire Department players against the skill and cunning, seasoned softball players of Robson Ranch. Artie Wachter coordinated with Eloy to plan and organize this event; he also officiated the game! Thanks to Artie for an exciting, fun afternoon!

The Eloy Fire Department jumped out to an early lead, and they never looked back! Three in-the-park homeruns kept them in the lead. However, the Robson team was not to be outdone! A late game surge by the Robson players kept them in the game as well as outstanding defensive plays made by the Robson shortstop. When the dust all settled, the Eloy Fire Department came out on top with a score of 14-9.

Pizza and beverages followed the game with promises for a rematch next season. So if you missed the game this year, watch for details for the game next year! Everyone who participated in the game had a great time! What a fantastic community building activity! The Robson Ranch Softball Club would like to thank the Rangers and Raptors players who participated, the Eloy Fire Department team, the fans who cheered us on and Artie Wachter for his hard work.