Robson Ranch RC Club June 2021 Event Calendar

Bob Kehoe

The 2021 summer racing season began on May 4 and will continue on a twice-weekly basis (Tuesday and Thursday) through September, beginning at 8 a.m. The same holds true for the weekly fun fly days (Saturday), which include combat competition, target landing, and other demonstrations. Flying begins at 9 a.m.

As always, spectators are more than welcome to attend these events. The club facility is located along the north access road to Robson Ranch on the east side of the canal. This area is secured when no members are present.

June 2021 Racing Calendar:

6/1        Oval track        Practice races

6/3        Oval track        Points races

6/8        Road course        Practice races

6/10        Road course        Points races

6/15        Road course        Practice races

6/17        Road course        Points races

6/22        Oval track        Practice races

6/24        Oval track        Points races

6/29        Oval track        Practice races

June 2021 Flying Calendar

6/5        Airfield        Fun Fly Day

6/12        Airfield        Fun Fly Day

6/19        Airfield        Fun Fly Day

6/26        Airfield        Fun Fly Day

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