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Robson Ranch RC Club Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Butch Spiller

In 2010, 12 local residents with the common interest of flying remote control planes got together and started a new club, The Robson Ranch Flyers. During the next five years, the club moved its flying field several times to various locations in the community. Then, in 2015, the club added RC Car Racing and changed its name to the Robson Ranch RC Club. That same year, the club was given a large area of desert and brush north of the community to build a new facility. With the help of one of the club members, Dave Hudson, along with the generous help of Robson management, they established a great new facility at the club’s present location, known at the time as the “field of dreams.”

The club now has over 100 members and is growing as the community grows. Many new Robson homeowners have stated that they selected Robson over other communities, because Robson Ranch is the only community in the area with a fancy flying club and field such as this.

On Jan. 10, 2020, the club celebrated its 10th anniversary with a picnic at the facilities. The location includes a picnic area, two runways for RC Flying, two tracks for RC car racing, shaded areas for spectators showing up regularly to watch the flying and car racing, a large parking lot for autos, and two golf cart parking lots.

RC car races are held every Tuesday and Thursday mornings and flying events are held on a regular basis.

The club would like to thank the following local merchants for donating prizes for a raffle held at the event: Robson Pro Shop, Arizona City Ace Hardware, Hobby Action, Robson Ranch Home Sales, Olive Garden, Mimi’s Café, Cracker Barrel, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Flashback.