Robson Ranch Pickleball Club is looking for a new design for upcoming tournament


The Robson Ranch Pickleball Club has named its tournament the Robson Ranch Desert Slam. We are opening the design of a new logo for the tournament to all residents of the Ranch.

The design should be limited to 3 solid colors and must be reproducible in one color with no half tones. Designs should be submitted in PDF format. Designs should not be larger than 5” x 7” or smaller than 3” x 3”. The designs submitted will be reviewed by the Club Board of Directors and the top 5 designs will be forwarded to the club members for final selection. The design must have “Robson Ranch Desert Slam” included. A resident may submit multiple designs, but we ask that each design be submitted individually.

Designs must be submitted by September 30 to [email protected]; please use the subject line Robson Ranch Tournament Logo Design.

The winning design shall become property of the Robson Ranch Pickleball Club.

The winning designer will be awarded $100.00. For questions please contact Win Oppel. [email protected]