Robson Ranch Ladies Social Club news

Resident Alicia Mooney with Emily Sebring, HHCP0

Reneé L. Kleinjan

The Robson Ranch Arizona Ladies Social Club’s luncheon guest speaker in September was Emily Sebring, HHCP (holistic health care provider) who is the owner of Root 2 Route Botanicals and Natural Medicine. Root 2 Route is a faith-based company whose mission is to strengthen the community and raise awareness of the healing power of natural medicine by way of medicinal herbs, organic nutrition and a balanced lifestyle. Ms. Sebring was introduced by resident Alicia Mooney whom Ms. Sebring helped treat a ten-year stomach problem when no one else could help Ms. Mooney.

Root 2 Route Botanicals is located at 423 N. Florence in Casa Grande. In her place of business, she rents space to such businesses as Hearing Centers of Arizona, Massage Casa and Heilen Natural Medicine. There is a dog onsite and cats and dogs are allowed in the building.

Ms. Sebring talked about her education in the field of nutrition, herbals and stress relief beginning in 2008 and her continued schooling for degrees in natural medicine and nutrition. Some of the items her business carries are spices and blends; handcrafted soaps; animal care and formulation; bath and body items; bulk herbs; essential oils; vitamins and minerals; and supplements and homeopathic formulas. No appointment is needed to see her. You simply fill out papers with your information. She holds two-hour consultations for $145 to determine what may help you but these consultations are not covered by insurance. She does work with some of the local doctors including some of those Sun Life and the CAC. When she works with some of the doctors she will do journaling and blood work onsite. Ms. Sebring personalizes blends of herbs for her clients to make sure they are getting the proper blend. B12 injections for energy at Root 2 Route are considered “Happy Hour”.

Ms. Sebring shared some of the following information: for osteoporosis, she takes her clients off caffeine right away because it binds the calcium in the body; eczema can be a sign of what is going on in the small intestine; for weight loss, she suggests a strict diet for a month; if you will not eat it, do not put it on your skin; and a lack of magnesium can be attributed to a loss of hair and weight, being tired and having charley horses in the legs.

Ms. Sebring will be present at our Robson Ranch Senior Expo this year. Please stop by and visit with her to learn more about her business.

So, you can plan ahead now, we will be having a silent auction at our December 10 luncheon to raise money for our charity which is the book scholarship program, which benefits any high school student who qualifies and will be attending an Arizona college. Everyone is invited to attend and it should be a very fun event and the Club will be treating those attending with a glass of wine and dessert.