Robson Ranch Ladies Golf Association season winds down

Candy Burtis

AWGA State Medallion

Congratulations to Kathy Holwick and Sue Waibel who will represent RRLGA in the next AWGA State Medallion tournament. This year there were four designated play dates for this event. The two lowest scores of those dates were used; Kathy won low gross and Sue won low net. Great job, ladies!

President’s Cup

There were 42 ladies participating in the President’s Cup event (aka eclectic or ringer). Beginning January 6 to March 31, the ladies individual hole-by-hole scores were recorded. The lowest score on each hole was designated as the event score. Each time a member improved her score on a particular hole, that score was used as her score for the event. Winners: Combo tees Flight 1: 1st Shirley Eliuk, 2nd Karen Connell, most improved Bobbie Johnson; Flight 2: 1st Susan Worner, 2nd Cindy Jensen, most improved Sue Waibel; Plum tees Flight 1: 1st Dee Lee, 2nd Terry Fondurulia, most improved Margaret Erickson; Flight 2: 1st Mary Syer, 2nd Patti Baumann, most improved Barbara Gayer.

Match Play

Beginning January 6 to March 30, ladies played match play format against other ladies within their flights. Winners: Flight 1: 1st Bobbie Johnson, 2nd Karen Connell, 3rd Shirley Eliuk; Flight 2: 1st Robin Barber, 2nd Jean DeChristopher, 3rd Susan Worner; Flight 3: 1st Cheryl Babb, 2nd Judy Brozek, 3rd Chris Clark.

Play Day Results

April 7: 32 ladies team up to form 2-person teams and played a Ryder Cup format of best ball, scramble and alternate shot for the last member-member event of the season. Winners: Flight 1: 1st Candy Burtis/Dee Lee; 2nd Patty Bruchez/MaryLou Walton; 3rd Lorna Watts/Margaret Erickson. Flight 2: 1st Debbie Hatcher/Nancy Kraus; 2nd Karen Connell/Adele Wolyn; 3rd Teresa Baxter/Debby Harris; KP: No. 6 Carol Ilten; No. 17 Jean DeChristopher

April 14: 20 members enjoyed playing Cha-Cha-Cha using three lowest net scores on six holes, two lowest net scores on six holes and one lowest net score on the remaining six holes. Winners: 1st Candy Burtis, Terry Fondurulia, Carol Ilten, Dee Lee; 2nd Patti Baumann, Karen Connell, Jeri Srenaski, Susan Worner; 3rd Judy Brozek, Cindy Jensen, Nancy Kraus, Pat Linderman.

April 21: 24 ladies guessed what their score would be before they golfed. Those who were closest to their guess without going over were winners. Flight 1: 1st Bobbie Johnson, 2nd Kathy Holwick, 3rd Karen Connell; Flight 2: 1st Jean DeChristopher, 2nd Patty Bruchez, 3rd MaryLou Walton; Flight 3: 1st Barbara Desserault, 2nd Dee Lee, 3rd Debby Harris; Flight 4: 1st Judy Brozek, 2nd Patti Baumann, 3rd Layne Jones.

April 28: 17 ladies played a 2-person team format. One member’s score was used on holes beginning with “T” or “F” and the other member’s score was used on the remaining holes. Winners: 1st Robin Barber/Dell Hoff, 2nd Kathy Holwick/Nancy Kraus, 3rd Joanne Heiman/Susan Worner; KP No. 6 Nancy Kraus, No. 17 Patty Bruchez.

May 5: 13 ladies used their net scores on the par 3s and par 5s for this week’s game. Winners Flight 1: 1st Candy Burtis, 2nd Jean DeChristopher, 3rd Bobbie Johnson; Flight 2: 1st Joanne Heiman, 2nd Dee Lee, 3rd Debby Harris.

Travel Team

April 6: Robin Barber, Patty Bruchez, Candy Burtis, Karen Connell, Kathy Holwick, Cindy Jensen, Bobbie Johnson and Dee Lee played against San Marcos at Foothills.

Season Recap

This has been another fun and exciting golf season. It’s wonderful that a group of ladies can play golf week after week and have so much fun laughing, competing and enjoying one another. We played many of our favorite games and were introduced to some new ones! The first Past President’s Classic, “Life is a Beach” was a huge hit. The first Guys and Gals event was great fun too. RRMGA and RRLGA members are already talking about next year!

Our season officially ended May 19; however, many of our members headed north to their summer homes starting in April. For those who stick around the Ranch during the summer, we will continue to play on Tuesdays. With the Buttes closure, RRLGA will give ladies the option to play either 9 or 18 holes on the Picacho course each week.

We will also continue our summer guest program where new or current women residents who want to “try out” RRLGA can play as summer guests. If anyone has questions regarding summer play or the summer guest program, contact Kathy Holwick, tournament chair, at [email protected]. We hope that anyone thinking about joining RRLGA will take advantage of this opportunity to play with the ladies and find out how much fun they have.

As the season ends and play winds down, the new board will be getting ready for next year. We can look forward to another fun-filled season with our golfing friends!