Robson Ranch HOA Q and A recap

In attendance: Betty Murphy, General Manager, HOA; Benjamin Castro, Food & Beverage Manager; Jeremy Smith, RR Sales Manager


Pool, Update: was open second week in February.

Rest room keys for the golf course restrooms and softball field restrooms are available for pick up in the Pro Shop.

Upcoming concerts, dances, fashion show, tribute bands in the Hermosa Ballroom.

Rock Springs Church grand opening on February 8

Villas Q and A scheduled for February 12

Jim Moore, Chair of the Finance Committee, presented a Financial Report. Monthly financials are posted on the HOA website. Full monthly financials are available for viewing in the HOA office. The 2015 Budget is available for viewing in the HOA Office.


Can we have four-way stops at Robson and Harris Hawk and Robson and Anasazi? We will look into it but probably not.

Indoor pool seems cooler than usual. Pool temperature and air temperature have been adjusted and should take care of it.

Will there be a gate on the gravel road behind Unit 27A? No, but we will look at building up the berm in that area.

Sales showed a positive increase in January: seven sales, only one was a villa.

Can Patrol monitor the construction entrance in the morning to observe if the same vehicles are coming through? Yes.

The rest of the issues related to the restaurant, primarily lack of server training, decreasing quality and consistency of food and the new policy of being seated by the hostess rather than seating yourself. This is particularly a problem at Tuesday Happy Hour. We need better management with so many young servers. Would like to go back to separate menus for bar and dining room.

The F&B Department feels it can give better service if guests are seated rather than guests seating themselves.

Will look at the possibility of going back to open seating on Tuesdays for Happy Hour.